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Pirates, frocks, Dr’s and fish finger butties

Only four sleeps till the Wirral society of arts 5th National open exhibition preview night.

That’s right just four sleeps before I get to go to my first exhibition premier…
Little nervous. Not always been good around pretentious people, have a habit of saying what everyone wants too but is too polite to say. Hopefully everything will be fine, and there will be plenty of non-pretentious people around to talk too. Still haven’t decided what to wear yet, may even go in a frock…
Well maybe not the frock, but pirate?

On another note, it is very nearly October. Which can mean only one thing …. HALLOWE’EN!!!! I love Hallowe’en, the dressing up, the sweets, the walking around at night and the macabre nature of it. How can you not enjoy it? Which brings me to my Hallowe’en bonanza, there will be colouring competitions, give-aways and lots more goodies all month leading up to the big night itself.

Starting next month there will also be a continueing feature around the run up to the Dr Who Christmas special, featuring new and original art work. All of which will be auctioned off for the new year with all profits going to charity. I am in the process of trying to track down a way to contact Matt Smith himself in order to establish which charity he would like the money to go to. So if by any chance someone reading this knows him personally, please let him know.

More blogs to come later this week.
Certainly one on Saturday 🙂



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Exhibition is on. Peanut butter on toast.

So yes, the exhibition is on. Three of the six paintings I submitted to the Wirral Society of Arts 5th National Open Exhibition have been accepted. The three works that are to be displayed are;

We’re gonna need more bullets by =Sofa-pirate on deviantART

They all float down here by =Sofa-pirate on deviantART

Plate 98 by =Sofa-pirate on deviantART

This will be my first exhibition. But more importantly it will be my first opening/preview night that I have attended. And I find myself wondering, “What the hell do I wear?”. There are just too many options, I am something of a hoarder when it comes to clothes :S

On a cheerful note, this week just passed has been national cupcake week. Closely following on from a birthday involving several books about making cakes, I think you can work out most of what I’ve been up to this week. Yep that’s right, eating lots of fresh handmade cake 🙂 These will all be uploaded soon in a brand new baking blog, run by a wonderful baker acquaintance of mine. Including chocolates.

I’ve also been working on several packs of stickers and a very funky stencil of a building. Lots of pics to follow, now that I am home and not house sitting blogs will be a bit more regular. Two of my highlights from last week would have to be being told by a shop worker that I could have a huge canvas for free. The shop was having a relocation sale, the canvas needed a corner re-affixing, so I got a freebie 😉

ARRGH me hearties! It havin been toirk like a Pirate day just 2 turns o’ the sun ago. I had a merry filled day with much skullduggery and swiggins o’ the rum. I hopes ye all got up to no good and treated yon wenches like the scurvy dogs ye be.

Plenty more to follow this week, ya scurvy sons o’ bilge rats!


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

So it is once again coming to my favourite part of the year, the cold part. There are many reasons why I prefer the autumn/winter half of the year to the spring/summer. Not least of all the fact that over weight and bright pink/red men have their shirts on again, (I’m not opposed to man flesh being on display, just not when they look like unset blancmanges, yurk).

Seriously though, the period from early September to late February has within it most of the best holidays celebrated in the western world. To list a few, Hallowe’en, Bonfire night, My birthday, Thanksgiving (if you’re American), Christmas, New years (Hogmanay for the scots), Valentines day and most importantly the end of the school holidays. The kids going back to school is a big relief to everyone everywhere. No longer do you have to be near smelly, noisy and just plain annoying children whilst you go about your business. Thank the lord for the Elementary Education Act of 1880, which was the first introduction of compulsory education in this country (UK). Without which there would still be children screaming outside my window all day and night, all week.

The last week or so has been a very busy one for myself. On the private side of my life I have been franticly getting ready for my girlfriends birthday, and getting ready for my brother moving back home. Both of which were yesterday. On the business side of my life I have worked on 2 commissions for 3 pieces all of which are now paid for. And will be displayed on both my dA account and flickr as soon as I have express permission and arranged the photos in a manner I am satisfied with.

Most importantly, to myself, I have entered 6 pieces of my work into an open gallery exhibition. One of these pieces was specially painted for this exhibition and I’m hopeful that some if not all will be accepted. The exhibition is the Wirral Society of Arts 5th Wirral National open art exhibition 2010 to be hosted at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum in Oxton, just outside Birkenhead. For full info on the gallery go visit this

And for as much details that are available at this time for the exhibition itself go here If I am successful in my application to this exhibition then it will be my first official one. To say the least I am very much looking forward to the start of next month.

I will keep updating with progress reports regarding this exhibition. And as a teaser I have many things planned for Hallowe’en, including giveaways and competitions.


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I can’t help but like pickles….

So why is it when I have so many projects going on all I can think about is a nice pickled gherkin? They are I admit extremely tasty, but they give me chronic heartburn. Sometimes the pain is just worth it I suppose.

At the moment there are several things going on in my life. I have recently become officially unemployed. Which has it’s advantages time wise but the money side is a bit lacking. So the several commissions I’m working on at the moment are a blessing. I have recently finished one of them; Which was a BBQ and a tobacco tin. I really enjoyed making these pieces not least of all because it gave me an opportunity to use some speciality paint I’ve been eyeing up for a while. Heat proof black matte spray paint, for both the BBQ and the tin. The true challenge however was finding heatproof glitter to put on the tin. In the end I chose to use heat it up embossing glitter, which suited the piece perfectly.

Tomorrow is another full day for me. I am entering six of my canvases into the Wirral Society of Arts 5th open art exhibition 2010. This is located at the Williamson art gallery & museum in Birkenhead. Mostly this is just so that I can gain the experience, and hopefully publicity, of having my artwork in an established gallery. However there are cash prizes, as yet undisclosed, to be won. I’m still deliberating over which pieces to enter but I do have a few definites.

A few sneak peaks of what’s to come;
Customized Kid Robot Munny DIY vinyl toys.
Multi canvas Lego castle painting.
A whole series of Hallowe’en themed sticker packs for sale from my Etsy store.

This blog is a new experience for me. I intend to post on a regular basis, keep all of you abreast of upcoming events and pieces of work for sale.


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