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Birthdays Evil & Biking

So it has been a while since my last post, yet again.


A fortnight ago was my 29th birthday. Which makes this my last year of being officially young, once the big 3 0 is achieved I will be a fully fledged adult 😦 I had a wonderful birthday, receiving many fantastic presents 😀 The top ones being a Thermos, a copy of the spoilers book from new who and a LEGO man smiley face tee-shirt. Not to mention the obligatory socks and underwear 😛

Today however is a much more important birthday than mine, 47 years old too. That’s right 47 years ago today a small unsupposing television show aired with it’s first episode, “An unearthly child”.
As a series it has inspired many a person to achieve more with their life. And as a philosophical treatise on behaviour towards others regardless of appearance and how to live life to the full it is without parallel. Oh Doctor how this country could do with your help now….


There are many forms of evil, however they all stem from one seemingly innocuous source. Treating people as things.
As simple as that;
Sexism – Treating woman as less than men, things to be controlled and owned.
Racism – Treating people of other races as less than the racial ideal, things to be pitied, hated, controlled and/or exterminated.
Ageism – Treating older people as if they have outlived their usefulness, or younger people as unformed underdeveloped and not worthy of effort/attention.
The list can and does go on. The current government is treating it’s populace as numbers to be shuffled and nothing more. There are a great deal of facts that I could list here, but it would defeat my purpose. Because the population is beginning to think of themselves as things, which is the biggest evil there is.
The only hope for this county is for the population to rise up and get rid of the double dealing lying money grabbers that are in governance now. Otherwise we will face the 1980s all over again 😦


So yes I am riding a bike from work to home several nights a week now. My god, I knew I was out of shape but I didn’t realise just how much. A route that is only 6.5 miles approx is taking me about an hour to cycle home, this is still a lot faster than the time it would take to walk the same distance however :O Also it does offer some advantages, such as the fox I spotted last night (It has been nearly a decade since I last saw one!) and the scoping out of places to paint too 😉
Things are going well in my night shift part of my job at Waterstones, however it would be nice if the day staff put a little bit more effort into helping us out. I know they are busy during the day but if every member of staff in during the day shelved one box of books over their entire shift it would ease the problems we are having. Instead they are leaving more and more things for us to do *sigh*. The problem is that as night shift workers we are ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Story of my life really…

On a lighter note we are getting closer and closer to Christmas, I even have several of my presents bought already. A big break through for me as I am very much of the Christmas chicken variety of shopper. I.e. run around heedlessly at the last minute… With Christmas looming on the horizon that means that that the Christmas Doctor Who special is just that bit closer, and with a spaceship on the brink of destruction whilst the Doctor has to play Marley and all three Christmas ghosts for an Ebanezer like character it looks to be a good one.

Until then marvel at the 12 Doctor’s of Christmas paintings right here on this very blog, 12 Doctor’s. And don’t forget they will all be going for sale after the special with all proceeds to go to Shelter

Till next time,


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