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Hey everyone, this is Kieran’s girlfriend Vicki. I just wanted to stop by and let you all know that Kieran is currently recovering from a hernia repair operation. Things may be a little quiet around here, but click on the side bar for links to his twitter and deviantart accounts. 🙂

Thank you!




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Yes I know not a very imaginative title or even a word….

So I sit here typing up a new blog, having been banished from the bed room so that youtube videos can be watched. I am soooo in trouble for saying that 😛

So the 12 doctors paintings were all put up for auction and a fantastic amount of £60.20 was raised for shelter. There are still 3 paintings from this series in my possession and they will be auctioned off at the start of the next series, along with a few others, to raise more money for shelter.

Things are actually looking up for me at the moment. Over the space of the last couple of months I have sold 3 of my paintings (not the charity ones). Just goes to show that with the right motivation I can actually make a profit out of my work 😀

Another aspect of things looking up for me is that for the last 10 years or so I have had a small hernia. At the end of this month I will be entering hospital to have it fixed. Something that on the one hand I am dreading, never had surgery beyond stitches before. But on the other hand I am looking forward to being able to lift heavy objects again, eat a large meal with out getting sore and not get out of breath so easily. This does however mean that if I want to get anything done over the next couple of months I need to do it now.

It’s not a major piece of surgery, I’ll only be in the operating room for about half an hour, but it is in an inconvenient place. My stomach. So for most of Feb I will be lying down not able to move much or do much. That in mind I have been pushing myself to do something I have been planning for quite a while.

Introducing the KiwiPirateDeathDance clothing line. I set myself the target of producing 12 designs for t-shirts, it seemed like a good number. As I type this I have actually finished 10 of the designs, well at the tweaking stage anyway. By the end of the month I will have them up and ready for sale. As this is my first outing as a clothing designer, I will be selling the t-shirts through a third party site;

I have heard many good things about this site, and having perused for myself it does seem to offer many good products and services. So after the initial launch of the t-shirt line I will be adding to the range on a regular basis. Including other items such as badges, stickers and maybe even some items such as shoes and bags. Hopefully if the line picks up enough business I may branch out into the selling side myself and get in a third party manufacturer.
So big thoughts, big plans and big changes for this year.
All coming straight at ya’ll in the face like day-glo out of sync 3d eye pics

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New year; New projects.

So the Christmas period is over. The decorations are down, the food is eaten, unwanted presents returned for store credit, resolutions well and truly broken within the first 5 hours. So you ask yourself what now?

Well that is a question I’ve been asking myself for a while, ‘What now?’ And the answers are many and plentiful. But each singular one is not in itself enough. And ‘there is the rub’ as some medieval drunken sot once wrote. The answer is not so much ‘this’ or ‘that’ but more a string of this and then that and more of that followed by some this’s. (Try saying that inebriated).

So one of the this, that or even those’s is to update this blog more often. Well here I am. Another problem about updating the blog is that although there are many plans in the pipeline not many of them are near fruition. So for now I will have to settle for an update on what the last year brought for me.
Well to begin with the year has been rather cyclic, in that I started it unemployed and finished it that way. Not that I spent he whole year that way, in fact right up until 12am 31st December I was in employment at a book store. Which would seem ideal, but apparently I was not suitable for keeping on after the Christmas period. Unlike the temp who was kept on but who is leaving the country at the end of this month. Oh well they said they’d keep me on the books maybe I’ll get a call come February.
I also worked at the local Zoo, a job I left before my contract was up. A perfect example of don’t work somewhere you enjoy visiting, especially the catering side.
On the plus side however I have been commissioned for several pieces of artwork, all of which were received with praise (and more importantly payment). I also had three of my canvases displayed in a gallery hosting a selection of artists from up and down the nation. I have also made a few sales from my Etsy account which has not only helped boost my confidence but also helped pay for Christmas.
That pretty much sums up the year 2010 for me, of course more happened but I am striving for succinctness here people.

So as to 2011? There will be more KiwiPirateDeathDance products for your good selves to purchase. Including but not limited to Wormy t-shirts.

Until the next update I have just one request for you all; Think!

It’s what’s got us this far it may just be a help in the future, don’t throw it away yet.

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