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Today’s special feature: Wickerman

I am in the process of helping my other half move house and so therefore apart from some internet pimping I have not been up to much art wise.

As such here follows some more internet pimping out of my artistic sensibilities…..

eBay listing of the day,

Today’s eBay listing is for the fantastic canvas ‘Wickerman’

“The Wicker Man is a 1973 British film, combining thriller, horror and musical genres, directed by Robin Hardy and written by Anthony Shaffer. The film stars Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Diane Cilento, Ingrid Pitt, and Britt Ekland. Paul Giovanni composed the soundtrack. The film is now considered a cult classic.” 
Taken from wikipedia, click on the text to see the full page of information.

This film is a magnificent representation of how British horror was at the for front of the film industry for so long. It is neither a slasher flick, a gore fest or a special effect laden supernatural tale where the good guys always win.

It is a fantastic slow paced thriller with a classic ending that still holds the same power today as it did when it was first screened.

The painting that is being listed is of the iconic Wickerman that the film is named after. In many pagan religions sacrifices are offered up to the gods (usually different versions of Mother Earth). Some times these are even blood sacrifices, goats, pigs, chickens etc. Very rarely these days the offerings are of a more gruesome nature, as in real live people. The offerings are placed inside the wickerman which is then set alight during the religious ceremony.

The painting is of the wickerman as it first catches fire, with the flames running up the side and gathering at the base. It was painted with a single layer hand cut stencil in a dark grey over a fire shaded background. The background was a tonne of fun to do, shading in about 12 different colours ranging from canary yellow to deep red/black. The whole thing is painted onto a pre-stetched canvas measuring 30cm x 40cm.

This is now available to bid on at eBay with a starting bid of only £5 and low postage rates. However there is not long left to bid on this item (at time of writing less than 3 days), so get those bids in quick.

I look forward to posting this out to the successful bidder and to painting more for all you people out there.

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Success, a sale at a time.

I have not been sat on my backside for the past month. Yes I have been getting my internet together, but there has been so much more going on as well.

The first thing to share with you is probably that I have been getting out there and pressing the flesh. Yep that’s right the recluse artist has been going outside and meeting real people. A friend on facebook recommended a group called Memory Lane Fairs (Website here). I have now attended two of there craft fairs one on the 13th of May at the Head of steam pub in Liverpool. Photo’s below;

As you can see I came fully prepared for plenty of sales. And I have to say that I got plenty of support from the Memory Lane guys and girls, with a fantastic spot right at the entrance. Unfortunately it was a very rainy evening and we were up against a lot of competition from the ‘Light night’ events happening around Liverpool.
As such I just about broke even, but the most important part was that I had already gained a tonne of ‘in the field experience’ as it were. I had never realised how difficult it can be to set up a table for a craft fair. The next event I attended was at fort perch rock in New Brighton on the 22nd of May. A lovely venue and this time with a table outside. The main lesson I picked up from my first event was that even though my art is cheap by ‘original art’ standards, not so cheap by craft fair standards. Sooo…. I took nothing that would cost over £20 and created some more pieces specifically targeted at the casual passer by. Photo’s below;

This was a great event and I got a lot of feedback from the public. Again I only made a few sales but it’s more about getting my face out there. By the time I attend more events I shall have some business cards printed up ready to give out and spread my name even further.

I will not be attending the next event on account of I will be joining the Collaberation Nation team at Upfest, which promises to be a total blast. (More inof on this in later posts, although I can announce that I may have managed to score a free place to stay for two of the nights I’ll be down in Bristol).

The other part of my self motivation the last week has been to get my paintings up on the internet for sale. I’ve been looking at a few sites and I have to say that there are some promising ones out there that I really need to check out in greater depth. However for now I shall be sticking with those that I am sure of and have a consistent past record with namely Ebay and Etsy.

Over the past week I have listed nearly 100 new paintings on my Etsy store here. With prices ranging from as little as £3 (unframed A5 canvas sheet paintings) to an average price overall which is still under £20. There are many new paintings in there and I would suggest taking the time to look at individual listings as there is more than one colour scheme available for most paintings. Obviously this new canvases have been popular because already I have sold one item and I am looking forward to a possible sale tomorrow too.

Also this weekend Ebay had another ‘free listing weekend’, so taking advantage I have decided to sell some of the stock that has been languishing in my collection for a while. There is nothing wrong with these items, although with the LEGO ones I have been informed I cannot sell them through Etsy. But they have been overlooked in previous sales and promotions. And I would rather they get sold to a good home rather than end up as new ‘blank’ canvas. Yes I have started falling prey to the problem that has plagued artists for a long time, including even such greats as Da Vinci and Van Gogh, lack of materials. To the point where a lot of my earlier works are now irretrievably gone; Painted over. Which may yet be the fate of these potential future ‘lost masterpieces’ – So go bid now and pick up a potential piece of history and maybe a family heirloom to be.

I’ll keep you updated on new offers, new products and also on Upfest shenanigans.
Till later Kiwi

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Trials and tribulations….

So where to begin, it’s been a long time since my last post…

And the reason for that is not laziness on my part. It is because of talktalk my internet provider.

About a month ago I signed up for a line rental and broadband. Which was installed quickly and effectively and worked beautifully.

However after a few weeks it stopped working altogether. Nothing. Nada. Zilch….

I was not home at the time so I figure I hadn’t paid my bill on time or some such so I waited till I got home to call them. Which I did and this is what I was told….

“Your line was due to go active [on the day it was disconnected] and due to a servicing fault this was not possible and the line was cancelled.”

This of course was pure BULL. The line had already been connected and working for weeks previous to the line cancellation and was certainly not due to go live on the day of cancellation. After nearly 3 hours of telephone calls to their help line (on my mobile, no landline, to a premium number). I was palmed off with the same bull, dumped back into the automated service, sold a new line, told there was no complaints department, sold a new line (which would take 7-10 days to be live) and generally told ‘tough luck’.

At the end of the 3 hours I finally got a line to the complaints dept. and after explaining what had happened the very nice lady went into the back office software and informed me what had actually happened. Which is that another service provider had informed talktalk that I had switched to them (she said it was probably BT), thus leading talktalk to cancel my line. She also informed me that the only thing I could do was to order a new line, which I had already done.

After this I resigned myself to the fact that I had been screwed and tweeted about it. Only to be contacted by tweet by the talktalk twitter support team. After a correspondence which was remarkable similar to the phone experience (same bull same attitude of ‘tough luck’). I found myself in the position that I simply had to wait for the new line to be connected.

I then received the re-connection date which was to be longer than 7-10 days. I did not re-contact talktalk at this point through sheer exasperation that anything would be done.

Today was the reconnection date and I am glad to say that it has gone without a single hitch. My household now has a broadband service yet again.

However I have yet to still receive any such guarantees that this will not happen again. I have also yet to  receive an adequate answer as to why I have had to wait so long for a mistake on their part to be corrected. I understand that the engineers are busy and that they cannot just turn up at the drop of a hat. However I would be surprised if there was no structure in place to assure an emergency service. And I find myself considering that the only reason talktalk did not arrange for a speedier re-connection is that, despite the fact that this situation is of their creation, they were unwilling to fork out the extra money to do so.

In conclusion I would suggest to anyone considering a new broadband provider…. Do not switch to talktalk, their customer service is exceptionally low and very unorganized. The only reason I have stayed with them is that I am skint, and that they do not charge a connection fee or line installation fee. Basically they have me by the short and curlies and they know it.

However they are in for a shock when I send them my mobile phone bill and demand the they compensate me for the nearly 3 hours of calls to their ‘Help’ line.

Many things have been going on and I will be writing many more blog entries this week, this is but the first (I simply wanted to let you all know what’s been going on).

Till next time Kiwi.


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