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"Commissions for geeks…

….and how much I love them”

So yes I love painting for those of the geekish persuasion (geeks, nerds, fans, potential serial killers call them what you will). Some very good reasons for this are as follows;

  • I can usually throw in a few ‘in the know’ references (because well I’m a bit of geek too in case you hadn’t noticed).
  • They know what they want (from subject to pose, colour scheme and size).
  • They have more money to spend (geeks tend to be quite work orientated or know the power of savings).
  • And best of all…. If you do good work they sing your praises to all their friends and bring more work your way ^_^

So why am I waxing lyrical about the wonders of working for those whose knowledge lies in all things geekish?
Because and old work colleague and friend emailed me with a request for a commission. And my eyes lit up when I saw what he wanted me to paint. The painting is for a friend of his to celebrate her birthday and moving into a new house. They are a big fan of Arkham Asylum and particularly Harley Quinn.

So after recieving a reference pic and some idea of price limit this is what I have come up with…

Harley Quinn commission WIP by ~Sofa-pirate on deviantART

This will be done as a multi layered stencil (3 yellows, 3 reds, 3 purples and 6 grey tones with a total of 19 layers of stencil). The background will be a harlequin-esque diamond pattern featuring the red and purple tones of the piece fading into each other from opposite directions. With random diamonds painted white and filled with the Zenner card symbols, (see that there would be one of those geeky references I was talking about up top).

I am looking forward to painting this one immensely and I am just waiting to get the go ahead after a price quote. Suffice to say if it was for anyone else I would either charge more or make it simpler. However due to the friendship and my love for the subject I’m more than willing to do this at a lower price and cut my profit margin ^_^


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