Melancholia / Season of ghosts

This world constrains me and weights me down with it’s banality and rigidity of thought.

Not all is depressing in the world today though.

The blog has a new theme and projects are a foot. What do you think of the hallowe’en colour scheme? Needs some doodles I know but I am sans scanner and lacking in css and digital drawing skills.

Also tomorrow I will start the process of listing a couple of dozen paintings in my Etsy store with a range of prices and designs. Some old some new. Promotional codes to follow and next day delivery to arrive before hallowe’en.

Tomorrows blog will be a little less gloomy.

I now have my second beer, all is good with the world.


P.s. did anyone notice i changed the favicon. In fact does it work? It’s the logo on your browser tab.
Like this for google 


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