Slight update

So it’s been a bit of a while;

Since my last post I have been working two jobs which has eaten up a fair bit of my time. That’s right two jobs. I got a text from the boss at my old job saying that he knew I’d got a new job but asking if I was still interested in working for them. I of course said yes, I’ve enjoyed some of the work at my cashier job but the hours are not very great (7 hours a week contract plus what ever overtime I can grab hold off). So I have gone back to working on the production side of a flavour company. The job mostly involves mixing up batches of flavours and drinks compounds. Not as difficult as it sounds to be honest; I get given a list of chemicals and amounts and then I mix, sample and pack it off. The hardest part is to remember which order to mix them in.

So with working two jobs I have been doing 6 day weeks (at least until I get a solid contract from the new/old job). And last week I had no day off to relax on account of attending a craft fair as a stall holder. The craft fair was at New Brighton Fort with the lovely people at Memory Lane Fairs. Below are some of the pictures of the stall space I was given. Alas I sold… Nothing. Not the fault of the guys running the fair just a mix of bad weather and last minute planning on my part. I did however get plenty of interest and handed out plenty of business cards. I will however be attending the next one on April 29th.

I have also been offered another art retail opportunity, from the fantastically talented people at collaberation nation. In the month of April they will be opening a pop-up shop in the lovely city of Bristol (home to most of the founding artists of collaberation nation). So in the next few weeks in an effort to maximise my retail potential, I will be looking into getting postcard sized prints of select works available as well as badges and a few other little bits. I will also be looking into getting them as professionally packaged as possible on my limited budget. More on this as and when it happens.

More to come….
Oh and a sneak peak of some upcoming projects;


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