Easter Give-away; Deadline extended.

That’s right the deadline for Easter give-away has been extended to 12 midnight GMT on 26th April 2012.

For the chance to win one of the paintings featured in the video below all you have to do is complete the sentence;
“I did not attend Easter communion because….”

Some of the best answers so far are listed below;

I went to a baseball game my friend won free tickets from Subway for and wrote papers for my classes.

I am a hindu and my kids were busy picking up bunny laid eyes and thanking the easter bunny instead of mommy and daddy for all the money and work. 😦

because celebrating the natural Springtime part of the cycle of nature has nothing to do with their made up god.

I was more concerned with all the chocolate!

The Devil had a special on.

There are only a few days left to get in on the free art action so get commenting.



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3 responses to “Easter Give-away; Deadline extended.

  1. The pagans invited me to an awesome wine party. Jesus himself provided the wine.

  2. organized religion is the reason for war, pain, suffering and hate. More wars are started in the name of "god" than any other reason.

  3. I did not attend Easter communion because…. i would have most like burst into flames.

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