Bond reimagined

Bond reimagined

A while ago the lovely Dorkypyro put out a call for artists to use some of her volume for stock purposes Details here.
She was gracious enough to give me permission on three separate photos.
This is the end product of the first.
It is a multi canvas piece made up of 8 different canvas sizes each bolted together with corner plates arranged across the back.Each segment has been painted/worked on differently with a variety of spray paints, paint pens and oil pastels.The stencil over the top is an eight layer stencil in shades of brown MTN 94. Each layer was printed out onto 3×3 A4 sheets of normal printer paper and hand cut with a scaple blade. The canvas sizes are 25cmx30cm, 2 x 30cmx40cm, 20cmx50cm and 4 x 10cmx20cm.

This piece couples two things I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now, a multi canvas piece and also using one of Dorkypyro photos.

The full details of the reference image use are as follows;
Original image
MLP Studios,
RJ Slade for Vee Vintage Designs


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June 16, 2013 · 6:02 pm

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